1-Year Old Toddler Suffers Alcohol Poisoning After Being Given 6 Shots Of Vodka[Video]

Talk about bad parenting, a Texas woman and her sister are being charged with child endangerment after giving and allowing a 1-year old to take about 6 shots of vodka.  Not sure where the amusement is in this bright idea was but KTRK News reports,


“Shadreon Sade Jefferson, 17, and Shamara Batiste, 24, are each charged with endangering a child.

Authorities say on February 8, emergency personnel were dispatched to a home in the 7200 block of TC Jester after a one-year-old girl became unresponsive.

When they arrived, the baby girl was moaning and had vomited. Emergency personnel then noticed the child was swaying and smelled of alcohol. When the child was taken to the hospital, doctors determined the child had suffered alcohol poisoning.

The child’s father told authorities his daughter had been in the care of her mother and aunt, and she was dropped off at his home in that condition.

Court documents state that when deputies interviewed the mother, she said she’d fallen asleep and when she woke up, Batiste told her she’d given the infant alcohol.

According to court documents, Batiste admitted the baby drank about six shots.” 

Some people should be outlawed from having or being around kids.  This is just a total failure.  We’re glad the little one is doing fine.


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