13 Year Old Rapper Lil Mouse Accused Of Slapping & Threatening To Kill 3rd Grader For Snitching! [Video]

13 Year Old Rapper Lil Mouse Accused Of Slapping & Threatening To Kill 3rd Grader For Snitching! [Video]


Chicago’s murder rate and gang problem has been out of control for a while and it’s getting even worse as Hip-Hop is now surfacing as one of the faces of the bullying and aggravation.

Thirteen year old Chicago rapper Lil Mouse first made noise last year with his viral video “Get Smoked” as it became an instant hit showing the youngster bragging about murder and flashing “hella bands” (money). Even Lil Wayne was so impressed that he hopped on a remix with the youngster. (Not Surprised)

Well now it appears that the young gang banger and penitentiary bound hood star is now making his lyrics a reality as Lil Mouse has been charged with threatening to kill a third grader.

Lil Mouse, who is in the 8th grade, has been terrorizing a 3rd grader at West Pullman Elementary School where they both attend.

According to the 3rd graders grandmother who filed a police report, Lil Mouse slapped the child upside the head as he walked down the hall and told him ‘when we catch you we are going to kill you.’

The youngster then reported the incident to the principal and was threatened again as a group of eighth graders mobbed up and made a phone call to alert someone that he was snitching and needed to be killed.

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According to Fox 32 News, the family says Lil Mouse has been picking on her third grade grandson for weeks. The grandmother says rival gangs in their neighborhood have been targeting the family since 2009 when her 16-year-old son Fred Couch was killed.

When investigators charged and convicted a neighborhood thug and sentenced him to life in prison, the threats went into high gear.

Just last month, the family says gang members shot up the house next to theirs while that family was sleeping inside.

FOX 32 also reports that Lil Mouse spent hours at a South Side police station Tuesday night where he was questioned and charged with assault.

So where are the adults…Apparently supporting this negative and criminal behavior as the third grader’s grandmother says she was threatened by the father of one of the Baby Locs.

“One of the young men’s’ father threatened me outside the school. I wanna move because he threatened me and I believe that he’s going to go through with it.”

Because the incidents involve minors, it’s unknown whether Lil Mouse has or will be suspended but the 3rd grader was given an emergency transfer out of West Pullman Elementary School.


Talk about “Meet The Parents,” it’s kind of hard to break through to these kids if their guardians and role models are promoting this foolery too but something has to be done. Perhaps locking them up too for the crimes their kids are committing would be a start.

Peep the footage from the news cast now.

What are your thoughts about this situations and the gang violence in Chicago and around the country. Comment and let us know below.

See what his parents have to say about his rap career below as well as a few of his detrimental to society videos.

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