Not Over Yet!! Usher Raymond and Tameka Raymond Continues to Battle it Out in Court but Judge is on the Defense Now

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Update: The custody case continued to boil over between Tameka and Usher today.  Tameka and Usher and their attorneys were supposed to be in court today arguing over the issues of attorneys’ fees for Usher’s contempt findings and the determination of child support.  Instead, the judge heard argument from Tameka’s attorney, Lisa West, regarding the motion to recuse that Ms. West had filed against the judge on Tameka’s behalf.

As we previously reported here, Tameka Raymonds Attorney Lisa West filed  motion to have the judge removed from the custody case. Interestingly, late last night, the judge issued an order denying the motion to recuse, stating that the relationship between her and Usher’s attorney, John Mayoue, was public record and could have been discovered by Tameka’s attorney by conducting an online search of certain government websites.  However, at the very beginning of the hearing, Lisa West orally moved for reconsideration of the judge’s order denying the motion to recuse.

She argued that, although there was evidence on the websites that Usher’s attorney had held a fundraiser for the judge, there was no evidence on the websites that indicated that Usher’s attorney is actually listed on the stationary and letterhead the judge uses to solicit funds and donations from the public to keep her job.

Ms. West also argued that there was no evidence on the websites that disclosed that Mr. Mayoue had raised 83% of the funds during the last quarter of the judge’s 2008 election campaign. Both the judge and Mr. Mayoue were clearly uncomfortable during Ms. West’s argument.  Stating that she wanted this case to be over and did not want the parties to have to appear anymore (which is interesting since the only way that could happen is if she already knows she is going to deny all of the motions filed on behalf of Tameka), the judge ordered the parties to submit briefs on the issues of attorney’s fees and child support in five days.

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