40 Glocc Wants $4.5 Million From the Game [Video]

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40 Glocc is sueing the Game for $4.5 million.

TMZ just dropped the scoop, and apparently 40 Glocc is demanding that he gets his monies for all the pain & suffering he experienced from being attacked by ganster rapper Game. Now, we’ve all heard of a little lawsuit here and there, but 40 Glocc is taking his “Worldstar fight” issues to another level.

The rapper is requesting $4.5 million in image damages. Now even though this fight happened last year, 40 – real name Lawrence White – has finally wrapped up his legal list of desires. White claims that the whole story was never outed.

He told TMZ, that while he tried to escape, Game pulled a gun out on him and said, “Freeze, or I’ma shoot, n*gga.”

White continued to unleash his version of the story, stating that the Game and his boys continued to beat him to a pulp. 40 Glocc says he obtained injuries to his ribs, kidneys, right shoulder, right eye, and back. He says he also recieved wounds to his face, head, legs, arms, and hands. So what’s a thug to do when he’s beaten up by an outnumbered group of men, and placed on video for the world to see? He sues for millions.

40 Glocc said not only did the Game cause physical damage, he also caused damage to his image as a “gangster rapper”. Get the entire story at TMZ. Tell us. What do you think? Are 40 Glocc’s claims reasonable or is he way over his head? Post your comments in the section below. In case you haven’t seen it, here is the infamous “video”.


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