50 Cent Calls Hip Hop “Hipster Rap” & Says New Album Will Change That

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It seems that 50 Cent is doing more these days than just being Floyd Money Mayweather’s belt rack. The rapper turned business mogul talked with Complex Magazine about his new album and the direction that Hip Hop is headed, more specifically what he calls “Hipster Rap” and the loss of aggression in the genre. See what 50 had to say inside!

“My album’s done. I’ve just got to go through the mixing process. I always have issues with people not moving at the pace that I move at. It’s obvious I work a lot. They don’t work as often as I do, or they’re patient. [Interscope] thinks it’s going to be better if they wait. [They think] I’m going to change my mind and switch to something different in the presentation.

“They didn’t want me to change the album. I don’t want you to take it out of context, the album’s done. What I’m saying to you is they’ll sit there and think taking your time is making it better. And I mean, you do get a chance to evaluate and see what everything else is.

“I’m confident that the music that I have will help sway hip-hop in the right way. I think [hip-hop is going] one way. Where is the aggression in hip-hop? Where is the things that you initially fell in love with? They’re not there.

“Everything cycles. Hip-hop has cycled so far back that it felt like it was something new, but it was a hipster [thing]. A new terminology that would be a hippie. It’s that far back. So when it comes time for it to come full circle, it’ll be time for me.”

Personally, we like the direction that Hip Hop is headed in. There’s room for artists to express their true selves, and not feel that they have to rock a bullet proof vest, and talk about lives they never had (and we never had either) in order to gain a following. Join the rest of us in 2011, 50. 

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