Seven Stories That Cry For Shootings To End In Chicago

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As we wrap up the New Year, here in America it seems as if it’s a time that the nation comes together to focus on a city that’s been crying all year. This post comes from a different side of Hip Hop Enquirer, because here we care about the community and especially our future, the children who are dying senselessly. After the Sandy Hook tragedy, which left America in shambles where several little angel’s lives were lost, we must still reflect on Chicago, IL, and the innocent children who continue to die by gunfire.

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An estimate from the police of Chicago, has reported that the city has almost 70,000 gang members, with 59 identified gangs. Although gang-makeup has history in Chicago, today, the police of Chicago describe these gangs as having less structure and more personal disputes – creating the many shooting incidents. Eric Carter, police commander of the Gresham district in Chicago says, “Lines have become blurred and alliances have become very fragile”.

In other words, kids are dying for nothing – the “nothing-ness” gangs have no meaning.

According to Associated Press writer Sharon Cohen, Violence and gangs have scared Chicago in the year of 2012. We’ve heard many mentions of brutal homicides and tough street life through the media as well as from music artists, such as Chief Keef and Lupe Fiasco. Hip Hop Enquirer would like the entire country to take a moment and reflect on some stories of 2012 involving innocent children.

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Seven Stories of Chicago: A Cry For Peace

1. One block over from White Castle, West 79th Street to be exact, two men in sweatshirt hoodies, open fire at the Bishop Golden convenience store. Their bullets killed one young man, and wounded another five. This group would include a nephew of Miami Heat’s Dwayne Wade. As for the shooter, they got away in a silver unidentified SUV.

2. In July, a Saturday night, two men were walking on 79th when they were approached by a man who killed one and injured the other. This shooting resulted in a quick arrest; police had a witness, and a security camera caught the shooting.

3. Two men were walking, minding their business on 79th on a Saturday night, when they were approached by a man with a gun. He kills one and injures the other.

4. Some who were shot, but survived. A 17-year-old was hit in the leg, wrist and foot while at a recreation park. A 13-year-old riding his bicycle who was struck in his back. Then, a 38-year-old was shot in the face while driving.

5. Cerria McComb, had a bullet explode in her leg, allowing her to not go but so far. Someone heard her screams, and rushed outside to help her call her mother. Mom ran six blocks, praying hard that it wasn’t her last time hearing her child’s voice. Both Cerria and a 14-year old male friend were shot. Bobbie McComb’s daughter Cerria, still remains afraid to go outside, since the shooting in early December 2012.

6. Just a few blocks over from there, is 78th Place, where Terrell Bosely, an 18 –year-old freshman in college helped unload musical equipment outside of his church, and was killed. His friends were shot, and the man charged in the shooting was acquitted shortly after.

7. In an expected town speech, Mayor Rahm Emanuel spoke with passion about the gang crossfire that victimized a 7 year old girl named Heaven, selling candy in her own front yard. The panicking mourners at a funeral, scrambled to exit the steps of a church as gunshots rangout at a reputed gang leader’s funeral, and girls wearing their red basketball uniforms, filing by the casket of a sixteen year old teammate shot on her own porch.

Friday, Chicago’s murder rate hit 500 and the lots are still “packing” carrying automatic weapons, helping their cities death rate hit such a gruesome mark since 2008. More than 2400 shootings have been reported, and their gang-related arrests have increased this year (since 2011) by 7,000.

Gang violence has been plastered on Chicago’s scene like an unwanted mold. The hip hop scene hasn’t missed a beat by making it a theme this year. On the same block of lots of these shootings mentioned are everyday places families may frequent like schools, salons, supply stores and churches. On the same block exists a sign painted in blood red that reads: “STOP SHOOTING”. Flying bullets are coming without names, and something has to stop.

These stories are enough for Hip Hop Enquirer’s community to pray and to protect the innocent lives at stake in 2013.

Check out this video filmed this year by CNN, of two Chicago teens on the gang violence issues below:

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