A Beautiful Mind: There Is A Method to The Madness Of @gucci1017

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What is wrong with Gucci Mane? That’s a question I’ve been asking myself since I’ve heard him for the first time, but that’s not what I’m talking about. Lately the Gucci has been on something else. I mean, he’s always been on something else. Whether it was the endless trips to jail, or the face tattoos, he’s always been on something else. Lately though, he’s been on something, something else!

Unless you’ve been under a rock or something, you would know that Gucci has been on a diss spree as of late. What started off as a few tweets to Jeezy, turned into a full out beef with The Snowman that would eventually include T.I., Yung Joc and Block. And that’s just the few shots that we know have hit. There could be many more bullets in that man’s clip for all we know. Like any other un-assuming person who would start shooting in a crowded room, we might never know what really brought about the insanity. What we can do is look back on his career and see if there were any moments that we could’ve missed that would’ve gave us a heads up to what would eventually come about.

When you think about it, since Gucci’s first introduction to the game, he has found a way to stay in the headlines. Whether he used music or not, you was going to hear the name Gucci Mane. His first single, “So Icy” was a major hit in the south.  While a somewhat basic song, it would eventually become a staple on Southern radio. The song was also the first time that you would see Gucci and Young Jeezy together. Actually, it would also be the last time you saw Gucci and Jeezy together.

While the song was a hit regionally, he didn’t become a household name because of it. Gucci became a national name because of the drama that ensued after the song dropped. Why Gucci and Young Jeezy fell-out is between Gucci and Jeezy really. No one person can tell why went from a collab to a clash. What we do know is what happened as a result. Street rumors say that Gucci, while visiting a young lady one day was confronted by some intruders. The intruders would begin shooting at Gucci. Gucci would return fire, killing one of the men. After that, the legend of Gucci man was born. He would go to jail and fight the charges. After spending some time in lock-up, he was released and cleared of any murder charges.

If you remember that moment like I do, it was after that jail stint that Gucci became a new person. Now he would walk in and out of jail for several reasons after this time, it was this time that made him who he was now. After walking out of jail that day, I had the chance to interview Gucci via phone. I sat in the library parking lot in Charlotte North Carolina and taped while Gucci spoke to me about what it was like being in jail and how it felt to be out. He spoke about getting back to music and capitalizing on the short -lived fame that “So Icey” brought him. He didn’t speak about Jeezy, at least not to me and not on that day. One thing that I could tell was he liked the attention he was getting. While “So Icey” brought him attention for the right reason, it was the negative attention that made him a national name.  I believe that is what he was actually looking for. The young man from the streets who wanted to be more than a one-hit wonder was now on the verge of getting the attention that he really wanted. In the midst of all the drama, his album “Trap House” wasn’t released. It didn’t take him long to capitalize on the drama. The album would be released soon after he walked out of jail.  Right after that, he would later drop a song called “745” That record would contain venomous lines aimed at Young Jeezy and his new boss Jay-Z. Gucci didn’t spare any words. He knew who he was going against and he didn’t care. He dropped the record. From there, he wasn’t Gucci Mane anymore. He was Gucci Mane! And you were going to remember that name. By any means necessary.

Since then, Gucci has never been a side story. He would cleverly used drama, whether it was incarceration or headlines (i.e. throwing a girl out of a moving car) to keep the light on him and as Young Joc said in his interview with the 107.9 FM in Atlanta, “He has a way to keep his name in your mouth.” His music wasn’t the best, but it wasn’t the worse. It was enough to keep the lights on in the club. He stayed on tour and stayed dropping mixtapes. He became a star. But is this what he wanted?  Watching a rival like Young Jeezy ascend to stadium shows while he was touring clubs, was that too hard to watch? Was it too hard to watch lesser names like Lil Scrappy become nationally known names after finding themselves on TV shows? Was it too hard watching acts that are lyrically on his level like 2 Chainz or Future became arguably bigger names while he did his latest stint in jail? Was watching his protégé Waka Flocka become a bigger star than he could ever imagine hurt him? These are the questions you ask after the shooter lets off the first shot into the crowd. What led him to pull the trigger?

So what does he do now? Go back to square 1. He loads up his pen and he finds his targets. So it’s really no coincidence that as he’s trying to climb back into the regional and national spotlight, he does it by dragging others into drama. So yeah, Jeezy becomes a target. He partners with others who had problems with Snow like Bleu Davinci and Rick Ross in order to beef the beef up. When that didn’t work, he went at Jeezy’s main partner and one of Gucci’s chief rivals for supremacy in the “A,” T.I.. When T.I. didn’t move, he would turn into a paranoid sniper. He just began shooting everywhere, hoping to hit something. After his wild, shooting spree, he did managed to hit Yung Joc. A wayward bullet would eventually hit Joc’s one time mentor, Block as well. Gucci would run to the bushes and hide out and wait for a response. The only response he would get would be from Yung Joc who rather than shoot back, decided to take part in the stunt that Gucci dreamed up in his beautiful mind. He would go on the radio and proclaim Gucci to be a genius that knows what he’s doing and why he’s doing it. He begged for another shot actually.

So far, Gucci has been quiet. That doesn’t mean that he’s not going to jump out the bushes and start spaying crowds again. We know he’s not averse to shooting at one time song collaborators. Maybe he’ll aim at Rick Ross or Future? He’s known for taking long shots. Maybe he’ll aim North at Nas or Jadakiss? Who knows? What we do know is that while Gucci might not look like the sharpest pencil in the bunch, he’s also not the dullest. That mind may move in a different way than others, but it’s working for him. Don’t be shocked when you hear him on your radio and see him on your television again very soon. “It’s Gucci”

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