A Birmingham Plantiff Only Receives $1,000 From a $460,000 Lawsuit Settlement Against Birmingham Police

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The city of Birmingham has agreed to settle a police beating lawsuit for $460,000 but the plaintiff who is currently incarcerated will receive only a minimal amount of money from the lawsuit.

Anthony Warren,44, will receive $1,000 and his attorneys will receive the bulk of the settlement, a whopping $359,000. $100,000 of the settlement will be paid in expenses. Warren filed a lawsuit against the Birmingham police department claiming that five five police officer severely hit and kicked him at then end of a high speed chase in 2008.

The 25-minute chase began when Warren tried to flee a narcotics officer. During the chase Warren’s car hit a school bus, a patrol car, and he struck a Hoover police officer who tried to to lay tire puncture strips across US 31. The chase ended when Warren’s vehicle was flipped over. A police dashboard camera showed officers hitting Warren as he lay on the ground.

The five police officers involved were sued by Warren under federal civil rights as well as asserting state claims for assault and battery. According to federal civil rights laws the officers’ liability was unlimited and included the possibility for an award for exemplary damages.

A jury acquitted the officers involved of any criminal charges. Warren is currently serving a 20-year sentence in state prison on an attempted murder charger and striking the Hoover police officer during the chase.

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