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What began as a cool 70s underground movement in African American and Latino neighborhoods in The Bronx has since become a global phenomenon with hip hop fans found in poor urban as well as affluent white suburban neighborhoods around the world.

One of the most identifiable elements of hip hop, rap music originated with talented emcees at house parties who entertained guests by exhibiting their quick wit and rhyming skills.

Meanwhile, out in the streets, physical prowess was exhibited by teens attempting to outdo each other in gravity-defying moves at fiercely competitive break dancing or b-boy competitions.

Hip hop also encompassed another expression of youthful creativity in colorful graffiti “tags” scrawled across ghetto walls and subway trains. Along with these basic elements encompassing music, art and dance, the movement eventually grew to influence movies, television and fashion as the culture went main stream first in the U.S. and then globally.

Elements of hip hop eventually would be seen on city streets throughout Europe, Russia, and the Middle East when teens on an international scale embraced hip hop as an easily accessible mode of self expression.

Although critics charge that rap and hip hop have been diluted by mainstream acceptance (resulting in rappers’ fashion lines, multi-platinum CD’s and million-dollar record deals), hip hop continues to evolve and cross boundaries as the world’s most popular youth culture.

Former Contributing Senior Writer Dennis Byron of the nation’s number #1 hip hop publication ” Hip Hop Weekly ” decided that it was time for him to branch out and create his own legacy after contributing to some of the magazine’s biggest stories to date. ” While working with some of the most talented people at Hip Hop Weekly has been very rewarding to me, one comes to a place in the road where there is nowhere else to travel and then a decision has to be made to change direction in order to get to a more suitable place in one’s career. It was for this reason, I decided to start my own publication and bring in some of the most talented individuals in hip hop while still providing quality news & entertainment people have grown to appreciate with my relationship with Hip Hop Weekly. I personally want to thank three individuals from Hip Hop Weekly. Cavario H. was the first individual I contacted before deciding to work with the publication and he is someone I have always respected because of his street savvy and innate ability to comprise a good story while keeping with journalistic integrity. When speaking about Dave Mays it is very hard not to mention Raymond Scott as these two individuals have shaped the culture of hip hop through their 25 plus years of devotion to the culture. The creation of The Source magazine by these two individuals was genius to say the least. They watched what was evolving around the streets of the Bronx in the beginning stages of hip hop and had the insight to give the culture of hip hop a platform for the world at large to appreciate while contributing to the careers of so many individuals in the areas of journalism, music, fashion, film, and photography through the Source magazine and the Source Awards.

Hip Hop Enquirer Magazine was developed to give people who may have been overlooked an avenue to provide a cohesive platform for their continued growth in the hip hop culture while keeping with a genuineness to the reporting of news and entertainment. We will provide our audience with some of the most exclusive interviews and stories in hip hop, latest gossip and rumors, Dj Avenue (a place where radio, internet & club dj’s will be featured every week for their contribution to the culture of hip hop), The Fashion Bazaar (showcasing the latest in hip hop fashion), and other areas to be announced at a later date. Please sign-up for our newsletter and to be placed on our email list to receive updates as they become available.

Respectfully, Dennis Byron

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