Actor @MichaelRapaport Trolls Our Official Twitter Page After He’s Put On Blast for Disrespecting Janet Jackson

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There are times when celebrities should use their platform for the good of humanity and Hollywood actor Michael Rapaport has shown that he can do that as he did during his outspoken opinion on how Donald Trump has wielded his power in the Oval office. But unfortunately his opinion on music and the relevancy of musical talent wasn’t as warmly received.  Rapaport decided to question whether the support musical icon Janet Jackson was receiving because of her exclusion from this year’s Superbowl was even justified. Check out his tweet below:

Justin Timberlake graced the stage at the 2018 Super Bowl in Minnesota. This was his first time returning since 2004 when he and Janet Jackson performed during Superbowl’s halftime show. In that performances things didn’t go so ell due to a wardrobe malfunction which was the result of Justin Timberlake revealing one of Janet’s breast for the world to see. Many had questioned whether that particular episode was staged or not because Janet had wore a pasty under her costume. As a result, FCC fined Janet Jackson millions of dollars while Justin wasn’t reprimanded. She has since not been invited to perform at the show while Justin was asked to do the halftime performance this year.


After posting the video he titled “My Social Media Personal Policy” HHE responded telling Michael his “Black Card” is about to be revoked. Micheal then responded back to us with some graphic and just plain outrageous tweets.

Someone definitely has their panties in a bunch don’t you think? Check out the Twitter battle below.

Maybe we were trolling the actor as well but hopefully he understands that many people will always view Janet Jackson as a musical icon. By the way, does anyone question Barbara Streisand’s greatness after she takes off 10 plus years before she does a public appearance.

It must be noted that Rapaport also co-starred in Poetic Justice with Tupac Shakur and Janet Jackson. Film Director Spike Lee cast Rapaport in his 90’s hit film Bamboozled. He also attended Dr. Martin Luther King High School in New York City which was predominately attended by African-Americans.

Should we give Rapaport a pass?

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