Adrien Broner’s Social Media Melt down: Real or Promotional Stunt?

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Is Adrien Broner Crying for help?

Adrien Broner, the famed boxer who lost to Mikey Garcia in July is back in the limelight, but this time not for boxing or legal matters. This time it is for his strange Instagram post where he claimed to give up boxing. Broner who is no stranger to breaking down on social media took the time early Saturday morning to tell us how he really felt.

We all remember in 2016 when Broner created a social media frenzy for posts that suggested he was contemplating suicide. And just last year after being arrested for punching a man and shoving a woman to the ground. Broner took it to Instagram to post a series of messages asking for help and bemoaning the lack of assistance he’s received.

Fast forwarded to 2018 the boxer/rapper is still using social media as an outlet for a therapy session. Check out his messages below.









Emotional Break Down or Promotional Stunt?

No one is for sure why Broner was so upset or why he decided to unload his feelings on Instagram. As you can imagine like all of Broner’s social media tantrums he deleted all of Saturday’s post from his account. Broner has since shared a new set of post that suggests it was all a stunt. In his new post, he apologized to his parents, proclaimed he will be a champion in 2018, and announced his upcoming fight date with Omar Figueroa Jr on April 21st.

Was this entire Instagram tantrum a genius promotional stunt? Or was it the perfect clean up ploy to cover up another ‘Broner Moment’? Who knows, but what we do know is that Adrien Broner will be fighting and we doubt it will be in Las Vegas.


Hope everybody have a blessed day 🆎🆎🆎#April21st

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