Album Review: Snoop & Wiz Khalifa – Mac & Devin Go to High School (soundtrack)

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 Lyrics- C+ Beats B+ Flow B- Originality B- Overall Grade B-

The next generation of smokers are in good hands.  Two of the best at it, Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa, combined forces for smokers and hip hop heads alike. Back in January, Snoop announced that he and Wiz were collaborating on a movie called Mac and Devin Go to High School as well as recording a soundtrack. The film depicts Snoop’s character as the big man on campus while Wiz debuts his acting career as the class valedictorian. Fitting for the hazy topic, the movie was set to be released on April 20 but has been delayed with no release date. As far as the soundtrack, Snoop feels that “It’s something to relax you and get you through the day; it’s some real good music. The music is quality, I don’t even have no title for it, as far as what kind of music is it, it’s centric”.

Beginning with “Smokin’ On”, the soundtrack opens with a 30 second excerpt from the movie.  The excerpt fades out with Drumma Boy’s signature followed by heavy drums and the catchy chorus “Cause if it’s in my joint/ Believe that it’s the best smoke” laying out the content of the rest of the soundtrack.  Drumma’s production is something out of the ordinary for Snoop and Wiz but they stay on topic, while Juicy J goes in on popping pills, drinking lean, and last of all smoking. Juicy indulges more than the soundtrack’s host but it’s entertaining none the less. Aside from the intro track, the rest of the soundtrack has a laid back sound. Varied production from The Smeezingtons (“Young, Wild and Free”) and Warren G (“I Get Lifted”), keeps the content focused over original sonic sound.

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Everyone knew the soundtrack would have quality production, but doubts lied on feature choices and the diffusion of topics. The feature of the soundtrack lies on “OG” featuring Curren$y. Although “Spitta’s” appearance is no surprise, the funky horns over a crisp snare by I.D. Labs ride out like a live performance. On “French Inhale” the vibe caters towards the females. Featuring Mike Posner’s smooth vocals and an Isley Brothers sample Wiz & Snoop depict the value of a woman who can blow it out throw the mouth directly into the nostrils.  In defense to Wiz and Snoop the whole album doesn’t speak on smoking, there are some thought provoking tracks that offer reflection on life.  “It Could Be Easy” has Snoop’s style written all over it. Snoop and Wiz drop some knowledge over excellent production by 1500 or Nothin’. The drums sound like they are walking down the steps while the chorus (“It could be easy but the smallest little things we make so hard”) is inspiring and funky at the same time.  “World Class”  produced by Wiz’s go to guy Cardo is one of the hidden gyms on the soundtrack.   Wiz’s catchy hook (“Im not trying to be a right/ trying to be a wrong/ trying to make it out here on my own/ I say I do a lot of things/ but I’ll probably be the same) blended with Cardo’s futuristic sounds over deep drums resemble Wiz off of his Price in The City Mixtape . The topic varies from smoking only for a brief second before the soundtrack ends with “That Good”. Originally intended to be the soundtrack’s lead single, Cardo’s second produced track is the finest example of the chemistry between Snoop and Wiz.

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Snoop’s OG persona and Wiz’s new school charisma go together just like the  dank-head duos before them.  They are the latest hip-hop figures to emulate the legendary Cheech & Chong, following in the footsteps of   Redman & Method Man who appeared in the 2001 film How High. Although the soundtrack arguably outshines Red and Meth’s, fans will have to wait until the release of the movie to see how high Snoop and Wiz can get on the silver screen.

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