Amber Rose Talks Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and Stalker Assistant on Wendy Williams Show

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Master of the Mix judge, Amber Rose recently appeared on the Wendy Williams Show and chatted it up with the talk show host about everything from her getting back with Kanye to her cozying up with Regie Bush back in the day, to get back at Kim Kardashian for supposedly sleeping with Kanye. Amber addresses all the rumors, and doesn’t run away from any of the questions.

“He was an a-hole. He was mean to me, he didn’t treat me the way he was supposed to.” said Amber about her and Kanye’s relationship. When asked if Kanye wants her back Amber replied, “I don’t care.” When asked about her and Wiz’s relationship, Amber Rose stated that she wants to be with him for the “rest of [her] life” and that she never believed in marriage before meeting him. Awww, how adorable!

When asked if she was the reason for Kim Kardashan and Reggie Bush’s split, Amber said that she’s not a “homewrecker”. The last thing Amber spoke on was her former assistant/friend that ended up turning into a stalker! “I had an assistant which I thought was one of my best friends and she became obsessed with me. She became like a stalker. She was listening to Wiz more than I listen to Wiz, she had Wiz stickers all over. She shaved her head. It was weird. It was crazy.”

See what else Amber had to say in the full interview below!

Amber Rose on Wendy Williams Show

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