An Affair, Suicide Attempt and Now Promoting Her New Album?

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“American Idol” winner Fantasia was hospitalized on Monday night due to overdosing on aspirin and a sleep aid. Thankfully her injuries were not life threatening; she just suffered from dehydration and exhaustion. 

Last August was said to be the start of an on-going love affair with Antwuan Cook, according to Charlotte, N.C., news station WCNC.

After allegations of being named a “home-wrecker” and amongst many other rumors swarming around stress can get the best of you. Put in the same situation most would prefer to isolate themselves at the height of it all. Fantasia decides to take this opportunity to promote her new album “Back to Me.”

Can you blame her? With a album release just days away she is going to need all the promotion she can get. Apparently, North Carolina is one of the seven states where “home-wrecker” have something to worry about and can be sued.

“You can sue that third party. Most of the cases involve sex. It doesn’t have to be sex. It can be something much lower,” states Professor Beau Baez from the Charlotte School of Law.

Obviously Fantasia was open about their “time spent” together because of the images in circulation to prove it.

Fantasia has a long road ahead of her and whether or not its true about a sex tape being made; she should be more concerned about whether or not she is going to be sued for her unveiled affair with a married man.

Lets just say, Fantasia is going to need to work overtime to get her album publicized because she is going to need all the funds she can get to pay off this alleged accusation, not to mention, take care of her family.

Be sure to check out the new season of VH1’s “Fantasia For Real” debuting in Sept. 19th at 10 p.m.

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