An American Lynching!!! Black Mississippi Man Killed by White Teens

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This past Sunday two car loads of white teenagers headed to Jackson, Mississippi with very cruel intentions. The Hinds County District Attorney says they were on a mission to find and hurt a black person.

It didn’t take them long to find their victim, James Craig Anderson, a 49-year-old auto plant worker who was standing in a parking lot near his car when the teens allegedly proceeded to beat him while they yelled racial epithets. Witnesses said they were yelling “White Power!”. Then, according to the District Attorney, the teens climbed into their large Ford F250 pick up, floored the gas and drove right over Anderson, killing him instantly.

The teens were unaware that the surveillance camera in the parking lot was focused directly on the area where this took place. CNN has exclusively obtained the tape. The leader of the teens was identified as 18 year old Deryl Dedmon, Jr. from Brandon, Miss. Robert Shuler Smith, Hinds County District Attorney said, “This was a crime of hate, Dedmon murdered this man because he was black, the evidence will show that.” He was asked if there was any doubt whether the intent was actually to hurt and kill a black person. Smith responded: “No doubt about it they were going out to look for a black victim to assault, and in this case, even kill.”

Dedmon was the actual driver of the vehicle used to run Anderson over. ·According to law enforcement officials the teens were partying miles from Jackson in Rankin County which is largely white, when Dedmon suggested he and his friends leave, saying “let’s go fuck with some niggers”. The tape shows the teens pulling into the parking lot and stopping where Anderson stood; although he is not visible the teens can be seen going between their cars to hit him. After the beating Anderson becomes visible on the tape, he is staggering towards the headlights of the truck and the truck suddenly surges ahead. According to the statements of some of the other teens to the police, Dedmon allegedly boasted and laughed saying “I ran that nigger over.”

Dedmon has been charged with murder and is possibly facing a life sentence. The Attorney representing Mr. Anderson said, “The family is still in shock and disbelief.” The only statement from Dedmon’s Attorney was at his bond hearing. He stated he saw nothing to back up the “racial allegations”.·A second teen, John Aaron Rice, has been charged with simple assault for his part in the beating. No further statements have been received from either teen’s attorney. ·None of the other teens have been charged at this time. The Anderson family has decided to remain silent for the time being,·focusing on trying to come to terms with their loss and wondering how anyone could do something like this to someone·just because he·is Black. To think these type of crimes still occur in America is sad and deplorable.

While the Federal statute deals with these type of crimes and treat them with a hightened level of seriousness, nothing in the law books will ever bring light to the reasoning of such acts of violence and evil. 


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