Animal Farm Speaks About Portland Hip-Hop

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Portland-based Hip Hop Group: Animal Farm

Portland based Hip Hop group Animal Farm, spoke with about their recent project Culture Shock, and the Portland  Hip Hop scene. “I feel like it’s a big scene here in a smaller city with that dynamic, there’s mad people really stepping up their quality and people are making more stuff that lasts and that has a lot of substance behind it,” said Animal farm member Fury in regards to the Hip Hop scene in Portland.


The city of Portland is often overlooked as a hotbed of Hip Hop in the United States, especially since Seattle, which is just north of the city, has long been known as a musical Mecca of the Northwest. Portland is quickly demanding respect with the quality and number of commercially viable groups that the city’s been producing. 


Animal Farm is just one of those groups. Another group member said, “I feel like really Portland is the final frontier, there is still tons of talent here that is untapped and there are a few select acts that are trying to put the city on the map.” Animal Farm had been working on their recent project for the past three years. They collaborated with artists such as Talib Kweli, X-Ecutioners’ DJ Rob Swift, as well as Abstract Rude.

Fury explains, “We used Gen. Erik’s beats as the canvas for the music we get called “True School or Golden Era Revisionists’’ and all that golden Hip Hop is cool, as long as you put your heart into the music it’s cool, but we didn’t so much listen to that style of Hip Hop as much as we were developing our styles.” Animal Farm’s album Culture Shock is a social critique according to the guys, not just about Hip Hop but also about the world in general.


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