Another Man Almost Loses his Life Catching a Baseball

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Monday night’s MLB All-Star Home Run Derby would have turned form fun to tragedy in a matter of seconds had it not been for family and friends for one Kingman, Arizona man.

Keith Carmickle, who was accompanied by his brother and friend climbed up on a narrow table, leaned forward and lost his balance to catch a ball hit by Milwaukee’s Prince Fielder. The momentum carried him off of the table and toward a 20-foot fall to a pool deck below.

Had it not been for the quick reactions of those with Carmickle and fans he might have ended up like Shannon Stone, the Texas Rangers’ fan who died Thursday night trying to catch a ball thrown into the stands.

baseball3Keith Carmickle

The men had already caught two balls and were looking to add a third to their collection. Carmickle was on his way down when his friend grabbed his legs and his brother got him around the arms.

“I thought: I’ve lived a good life,” Carmickle said.

Once they gathered themselves together, Carmickle spoke with a security guard who allowed them to remain in the game and walked him back to his seat.

baseball1Carmickle’s family and fans struggle to pull him back up

Source: NY Post

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