Another Woman Steps Forward After 45 Years Accusing Bill Cosby of Rape

| November 18, 2014 | 1 Comment
Things do not seem to be getting any better for one of television’s favorite dads, Bill Cosby, as the allegations against him continue to pile up. Weeks ago, several women came forward with allegations against the star, and this past weekend, another woman stepped forward with claims that she too was allegedly drug and raped by Cosby.
Music industry publicist and journalist, Joan Tarshis, who was 19 at the time, told CNN that she could not believe the man she once idolized was now taking advantage of her. Tarshis claims that she and Cosby were both working at Universal Studios at the time, when he seemed to take an interest in her, which left her flattered. After working on a project one night, Tarshis writes that Cosby made her a cocktail, after which she fell unconscious.

“I woke up or came to very groggily with him removing my underwear,” she told CNN.

Using her clever wit, Tarshis says that she claimed to have an infection that he would give to his wife if he had sex with her, in which Cosby allegedly made Tarshis engage in oral sex.
This was allegedly Tarshis’ first encounter with Cosby. To read more of her story, click hereĀ
Cosby continues to remain silent against all allegations, but as the story continues to unfold, he will eventually have to break his silence or will he? Why did the woman wait 45 years to tell her story?
What does his former co-stars of the Cosby show think about these latest revelations? Until there is clear and convincing evidence, we will have to give Mr. Cosby the benefit of doubt. Do you agree?

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