Apple Unveils The New iPhone 5 Design And Release Date Plus See How You Can Get Yours Quicker!

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It’s almost here…the moment every Apple and iDevice enthusiast has been waiting for! Apple finally makes room for the first impression of the iPhone 5. According to the NY Times, Apple released the photos and design today in San Francisco. New iPhone 5 features include:

  • New look!
  • Taller Screen Supporting 5 Rows Of Home Screen Icons
  • Thinner, More Sleek Design
  • The Back Now Has An Aluminum Surface
  • Faster Processor Plus iPhone Has 4G LTE
  • Improved Camera, Eight-Megapixel Model With An f/2.4 Aperture
  • Better Battery Life (8 Hours Of Talk-Time Or Web Browsing)
  • Wideband Audio Ready Plus Noise Cancellation On Both Inbound & Outbound Calls
  • New Battery Cord! WTF!

Seems like the new and improved iPhone 5 will definitely be a grade ‘A’ gadget however we’re sure that those longtime iDevice users will find some discord when they find out that the usb cords–the cords they’ve been using since 2003 now–are now USELESS! But Apple won’t complain; they’ve decided to sell an adapter for $30-$40. Cha-ching! The all new iPhone 5 16-gigabyte goes on sell September 21st for $200 with a new two-year contract from Verizon, Sprint or AT&T. If your thinking you need  more space you can expect a “fare increase.” 32 gigs for $300 or 64 gigs for $400.

“At first glance, there’s really only one cause for pause: Apple has replaced the 30-pin charging/syncing connector that’s been on every iPhone, iPad and iPod since 2003. According to Apple, it’s simply too big for its new, super-thin, super-packed gadgets.

So with the iPhone and the new iPod models also announced today, Apple is replacing that inch-wide connector with a new, far smaller one it’s calling Lightning.” – David Pogue, NY Times

Nordstrom didn’t waste anytime! Almost immediately they sent newsletters announcing consumers ability to pre-order stylish pretection for the next-generation iPhone. If you want to get a jumpstart on everyone else in obtaining your iPhone G5 and you are a Sprint Customer, please give Elliot Reid (Sprint Manager) a call at 229-291-4866 today and pre-order your phone. Please mention tell him that you seen it here.

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