Are Hoes REALLY Winning?

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Let’s stop beating around the bush. Everyone has been thinking it; nobody has said it. But I will.

How the hell did Hoopz of the infamous “Flavor of Love,” not only manage to snag Shaquille O’Neill, one of the biggest ballers in the game (no pun intended), but get en-fianced to that previously very eligible bachelor?

Now, hold on all of you reality t.v. show stars, lovers, or aspirers out there. I question this not because Ms. Hoopz was on a reality show—but because, word on the streets is that Hoopz spent the first two years after the show hoeing it up throughout the entertainment industry. Now, Hoopz is lovely, no doubt. And she appears to be reasonably cool from her VH1 shows. But damn Shaq…you have the pick of millions of women, and out of all of them…you pick one who is rumored to have sexed half of the dudes you play pick-up games with? (and, worse, tongue-kissed FLAVOR FLAV on national t.v.? yuck!)

Shaq is not alone in this phenomenon, however. Indeed, it has not gone unnoticed by me (or the many women with whom I’ve discussed this topic), that men—both in the entertainment industry and out—seem to be glorifiying “hoes” more and more these days. I mean, think about it. How many entertainers have put strippers on pedestals? (still love you Drizzy). Or video “vixens”? Or the groupies that frequent the VIP rooms of clubs in NY, Atlanta, Miami, and L.A. hoping to get their baller catch? (A method that, at 22 years old, I found to be laughable. Now, however, years later, SEVERAL of those young groupies that I knew from my clubbing days back in D.C.—one of whom was referred to as “the mascot” for the Redskins—are now married to prominent men in the entertainment industry, and are happily living their post-hoe lifestyles. So maybe the joke was on me.)

I know my fellas probably think I’m hating right now. But before you jump on the defensive, think about it, and be honest with yourselves. On Twitter, on Facebook, in hip-hop songs, guys are constantly bashing “hoes” and “basic bitches.” But who are the women you talk about the most? Who are the women that you praise the most frequently? Who are the women that you seem to idolize? Hoes. Hoes. Hoes. Basic. Basic. Basic.

The sad thing is—there are plenty of gorgeous, good-personalitied, domestic women out there, who have their own money, ambition, and careers independent of the men that they’re dating. But these are not the women that you hear entertainers (or Joe Blow from down the street, for that matter) talking about. Instead, they seem to focus on whatever video chic (or former stripper/favorite rapper’s girlfriend) of the moment—many of whom rose to “stardom” by boning multiple artists. (I will take this opportunity to give big shout outs to Tip (who married his longtime love, homie/lover/friend, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle) and Mr. Christopher Bridges (Ludacris) who seems to limit his serious relationships to attractive, professional women.)

But at the end of the day, I have to wonder, what are these “hoes” sacrificing in return for whatever it is they’re getting? And are the men that glorify hoes the kind of men women should want to be with in the first place? And if the so-called “good chics” really think that hoes are winning, then why don’t they go out and become hoes?  It really ain’t that hard.

So when it comes down to it, I think it’s really pretty simple: Whether you believe “hoes” are winning depends upon what your definition of “winning” is.

In the very wise words of one of my girlfriends, “Once the celebrity bitches started being hoes, it fucked up the game for the average bitches.”


So this chic’s conclusion. Hoes are not winning. The game is just f’d up.

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