Are Reality Stars Setting Our Country Back 50 Years?

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Am I the only one that remembers shows like Seinfeld and The Cosby Show? Where you actually needed TALENT to be on television. When I turn on the TV it’s like watching something out of a bad horror movie. Everyone running around screaming, with nothing valid to say and a bad plot development. The worst part is, nobody dies at the end of Reality TV Shows. 

The biggest argument I have heard in defense of this trash is that its “entertaining” and that everyone needs a “guilty pleasure.” Hersheys chocolate is less that $4 at your local CVS, I’d rather suck down three packs of those than watch hours of reality TV. What possible entertainment value are you getting from two chicks going at it like bums off the street fighting for the last piece of corn bread? Please tell me somebody???  I refuse to believe that this is what “getting ratings” has come down to, watching some hungry women thirst after some random eye candy for “love” or some “socialites” walking around Beverly Hills desperately trying to convince people this is actually the way they live. *Rolls Eyes*


At first it was just a phase, The Real World, Survivor, Big Brother, it was only about 10% of television programming back in the early 90’s. Eventually it got out of control, the ignorance slipped through the cracks and now we have a full on rapture of bullsh*t. Case and point, The Bad Girls Club, words can not express the absolute uselessness of this show. A group of women in a mansion who all have “alpha-female-syndrome” Why wouldn’t drama happen?! Of course she is going to throw a drink in her face she looked at her funny. #icant. Aren’t they supposed to be going on that show to “better themselves?”


Name me one member from the cast who has taken a positive turn in their in life and I will eat the heel of my stiletto (gasps).

The genre then switched from watching unknown people making an ass of themselves to celebrities acting like their day-to-day is the crust of the high life, oh really now? Then why the hell are you “looking for love” on national television? Does it look like I give a damn about who Ray-J smashes on a regular basis? Is your life that insignificant?  Save that mess for our friends over at (shameless plug) and KEEP IT OFF of television. There was a time not too long ago that my parents were not concerned what I watched on TV when they were not home. Some of this foolishness should never have made it to any screen let alone my 73′ plasma.


Now there is a “housewife” phase, too bad none of these women are married and most of them aren’t housewives, pointless to say the least.· So some random woman spread her legs for a millionaire and he married her, isn’t she like wife #23? Yeah their love is for sure everlasting, lets video tape it! Seriously?  I’d rather pluck my eyelashes out with a hot comb then listen to these fakes talk about how much money they have and what big ballers they are. Isn’t your home getting foreclosed on? *Side Eye*

I understand that it is the cheapest type of show to produce and create but seriously this has gotten out of control. Where are the writers when you need them? Where is the outrage at the blatant exploitation of young minority women? Is this what my children will be watching and wanting to emulate as they grow older? In that case I am going all the way· Amis and kicking it old school because at this rate there will be nothing worth watching.

Quality shows are being cancelled but another season of dancing with stars it right around the corner…. GTFOH with that nonsense.

Until we as viewers and the keepers of the future rise up in outrage over the type of programming we see on our television sets and making the advertisers of this foolishness know that we are tired and will not take it anymore, the future as we know it will be marred by dummies and functional illiterates while setting our country back 50 years. Is this what you want for your future?

We are being cheated out of enriched and intelligent programming that will actually teach us something, give us a reason to tune in next week. Till then, you can expect more coached, bad acting from “pseudo celebrities” and random nobodies who think getting into a bare knuckle fist fight with other chicks is their idea of Saturday night with the Jefferson’s.

“Even I don’t know why I’m famous” Snookie never lied with that statement!

Okay while I have blistering words for a majority of the reality shows out today. There may be a handful that I have to reserve my opinion on because while most lack any real substance, some have sparked my interest in the last couple of weeks to a point where I will give them at least 15 minutes of my time until the plot gets better. Please also remember that these are my views alone and Hip Hop Enquirer does not neccessarily endorse my words but they do respect my opinion and have given me full reign to share them with the world. Let’s just hope they don’t pull the plug on me know time soon. Just saying..LOL

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