Cassidy Dances Around In His “Condom Style” Video

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It’s just a little over a month after World AIDS Day on (Dec. 1), and battling Philly emcee Cassidy has released a track called “Condom Style”.  Now, this title seems totally left field, considering the street rapper source. Nevertheless, the song was a positive shot for Cass. Presently, Cassidy pushes two diss records, dissing rival Meek Mill.

So despite all of the heavy backlash about the actual song, Cassidy has now released a video. Not only has he released visuals, he’s dancing in the video, similar to smash single “Gangham Style” by artist Psy. This is most definitely a new side of Cassidy. “Condom Style” uses Psy’s instrumental to “Gangham Style”.

First of all, there are Magnums – lots of Magnums – being tossed around in this video. Positive message or crappy hip hop? Or both? Let us know what you think! Check out the video below:

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