Armed Militia Group Called ‘Oath Keepers’ Show Up To Ferguson Protests

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After the shooting that occurred on Sunday night in Ferguson, Missouri left a man critically injured and protests that carried on to the following day leading to dozens of arrests and a state of emergency. The Oath Keepers have decided to return to Ferguson because there needs to be more fuel to the fire. The group showed up in Ferguson back in November after the announcement that Darren Wilson would not be indited in the murder of Micheal Brown.

The militia group are on the far right while walking around carrying assault rifles,wearing camouflage and bullet proof vests. Because of the very passive gun laws in the state this is all legal but necessary? Absolutely not. This criticism of course has been met by the protesters and the government itself. County Police Chief Jon Belmar said the group’s presence has been both “unnecessary and inflammatory.”

The group has had no problems walking in the mist of these protests enough ammunition and weaponry to take many lives. While a group of black men were wrongly arrested on the mere suspicion of having a firearm, according to The Guardian. These laws are their enforcement is what is completely wrong with the judicial system now. From the contrasting experiences between blacks and whites to the absurdity of being allowed to carry assault rifles freely.

How do you issue a state of emergency and then allow an armed militia that is only there to rile people up even more? The Oath Keepers presence will not and should not deter the movement of creating a fail legal system and ending police brutality.

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