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Having a hard time staying away from Trouble? It’s okay, you’re not the only one. Atlanta’s newest gangster rapper has a lot to say and lately he’s been backing it all up.  After the release of his 1st mixtape November 17th (the day he was released from prison) Trouble has kept the torch burning for the Duck Tape Ent movement initially lit by fellow East Atlien Alley Boy. His biggest video to hit the net was “Bussin” which didn’t really get nationwide attention until the remix was shot featuring Waka Flocka Flame, Yo Gotti, and Trae The Truth.  The remix video is arguably the hardest of gangster rap videos this year. There are enough guns and tattoos in this video to make your favorite gangster movie look like a re-run of Barney and friends. The “Bussin Remix” video takes you on intriguing visits to the home blocks of each respective rapper. Climaxing in Memphis, the video was temporarily shut down by the local police. This was probably because every person in sight was strapped like Al-Qaeda was posted across the street. Check it out here. WARNING-PLENTY OF GUNS

Trouble stands out from other rookies in the gangster rap genre because his flow and delivery come off as honest and gritty. His other video “Questions” displays him along with other D.T.E. soldiers holding up pictures of the artist who Trouble name drops, asking questions about their fallen careers. Just like The Game and 50 Cent, Trouble appears to just be speaking his mind which some gangster rappers fail to do these days. His standout “I Must Go Hard” is a song that anyone can relate to, showing his diversity opposite the usual subjects about drugs, sex, guns and violence. Trouble’s latest buzz surfaces from a video showing him and Alley Boy outlawing artist coming to Atlanta to shoot videos without permission. They bring up the fact that other cities such as L.A., Detroit, and Chicago all have the same policies so Atlanta is no exception either. With the back of the D.T.E. camp, Atlanta along with the rest of the world might be getting into trouble in more ways than one.

Check out “I must Go Hard”

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