Ashley Judd Slams Hip Hop Community In Her New Book Release ‘All That Is Bitter & Sweet’

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Last week, Oscar Award-winning actress Ashley Judd was placed on the radar for her opinions inked in her recently released book “All That is Bitter & Sweet,” which wrongfully catagorized the Hip Hop culture as a “rape culture” that embeds “insanely abusive lyrics” while depicting girls and woman as “ho’s.”

Quintessentially, the hip hop culture has in the past been called out as a community that negatively portrays the mothers’ and daugthers’ of the community in a negative light. That has since changed dramatically since more and more rappers are being responsible in their lyrics.

Snoop Dogg and P. Diddy were among the Hip Hop iconic rappers being slammed for stamping their approval on such ridiculous actions.

Judd talked to Global Grind to clear up any misconceptions stating on Monday, “I am also aware that, no matter what I do, some will call me disingenuous and impute bad motives to me.”

Judd attempts to connect her history and culture with the misconceptions stating, “My equivalent genres, as an Appalachian, an oppressed and ridiculed people, would be mountain music and bluegrass,” she wrote. “Those genres tell the history, struggles, grief, soul, faith, and culture of my people. In imagining how I would feel if someone made negative generalizations about that music, I am deeply remorseful that anything I may have said in “All That Is Bitter & Sweet” would hurt adherents of genres that represent their culture.

“This book is an act of love and service. Insulting people of goodwill is the antithesis of its raison d’etre.”

Actress Ashley Judd did her best to better convey her statement, meaning and word selections for her book.

Source: Global Grind

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