Famed Music Producer Shawty Redd Released from Jail Pending Outcome of Murder Trial

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Granted $200k Property Bond


Shawty Redd

The man who was responsible for creating the sounds that catapulted the career of Young Jeezy to giving rap legend Snoop Dogg his first Grammy nomination will likely beat the murder rap he was charged with on New Year’s Day if a Henry Country jury believes he was acting in self defense at his home back in January.

While limited evidence is being released in the impending murder trial, our sources have learned that Stewart’s account of what happened at his home was consistent with a self defense claim and that the deceased may have been attempting to extort the famed producer.

 After lengthy testimony by numerous witnesses for the defense and prosecution, Judge Brian Amera weighed all the evidence and decided to grant Demetrius Stewart a secured bond. Although Assistant District Attorney Trea Pipkins fought hard against Mr. Stewart to be granted bond, evidence weighed heavily in his favor. We were told by officials that typically Henry County judges typically don’t grant bonds in murder cases and the fact that his was such a low amount is a good indication that he will likely receive a favorable outcome.

Stewart could not be released immediately because of a logistical problem with the Sheriff’s Department and the Judges Order
As a condition of his release the judge required him to wear an ankle monitor and stay in the county of residence until his case could be adjudicated. We were told by jail officials that it normally takes up to 48 hours after a judge’s order for them to secure a monitoring company who installs a GPS device on persons with such court orders.

Updated: According to Jail Officials Stewart Was Released from Jail on March 15th 2010 pending outcome of his upcoming murder trial.

What Does Georgia law Say About Using Deadly Force while one is in Their Home?

Defense from a forcible felony;
Georgia Code 16-3-21 specifies the following: A person is justified in using force which may harm or kill only if he or she reasonably believes that such force is necessary to prevent death or great bodily injury to himself or herself or a third person or to prevent the commission of a forcible felony. You are not justified if you were the aggressor or you are/were/on-the-way-to committing a felony.

Based on Stewart’s statement’s to the police prior to his arrest and according to lead detective Wayne Bender during an exclusive interview, Stewart believed that the deceased was attempting to do physical harm to him. Apparently, this was further cooperated with the testimony of his witness.

According to Georgia Code 16-3-23.1
No duty to retreat prior to use of force in self-defense:
A person who uses threats or force in accordance with Code Section 16-3-21, relating to the use of force in defense of self or others, Code Section 16-3-23, relating to the use of force in defense of a habitation, or Code Section 16-3-24, relating to the use of force in defense of property other than a habitation, has no duty to retreat and has the right to stand his or her ground and use force as provided in said Code sections, including deadly force.

In laymen’s terms, even if Stewart could have run from his home during the alleged threats, he is not required to do so and he would be in his legal right to stand his ground if he felt threatened. It was learned from our own investigation that Stewart claimed that Damon Martin aka “Choppo” followed him to his bedroom making threats thus this could have clearly gave Stewart the provocation to use deadly force. It must also be noted that Stewart was involved in a serious car accident last year where he suffered injuries to his leg and we were told by our source that he was in no position to get into a physical altercation with Damon Martin.

**** Dennis Byron is a Senior Contributor to the National Publication Hip Hop Weekly and an in-depth report of the above story can be seen in past issue of Hip Hop Weekly Magazine. ****

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