Exclusive! Attorney B.J. Bernstein Speaks On How Chris Brown’s Alleged Phone Snatching Allegations Could Lead To His Parole Being Revoked

Chris Brown doesn’t seem to be able to catch a break and from the looks of things an anger management class and some therapy may definitely need to be added to his weekly agenda.

The R&B singer who just won a Grammy and seemed to be on his road to redemption with Rihanna has been accused of stealing a fan’s cell phone on Sunday after she took some shots of him and Tyga leaving a club in Miami.

Christal Spann, 24, told police that she took a picture of Chris Breezy while sitting in a Bentley who then snatched the phone out of her hand from his car and allegedly stated, “Bi%ch you ain’t going to put that on no website.” 

According to Spann, Brown then drove off with her iPhone 4S.

While this incident may seem minor, it could mean a lot of trouble for the VA crooner who is currently on probation after giving his former girlfriend Rihanna a serious beat down in 2009.

According to the police report, Chris is accused of “robbery by sudden snatching” and Hip-Hop Enquirer spoke exclusively with criminal trial attorney Brenda Joy (B.J.) Bernstein who broke down several points about the incident and how it could cause more problems for the quick tempered singer.

“The police are going to simply look at did he take the phone and by ‘sudden snatching’ that means that you quickly take something from somebody off their person and that’s a crime.  So the danger for Chris is if he is arrested for it then that will trigger a probation revocation in California because of that arrest and the burden of proof is different.

For the case in Florida, if there is one, then it will be like any other criminal case beyond a reasonable doubt.   But a revocation is usually based on a lesser amount of evidence that you committed a crime because you’re already on probation.  In other words, you’ve already been convicted of something and the court is going to look at it and not require as much as a trial to revoke you for bad behavior and that’s the big danger here for him.”

Many fans of Chris Brown have also taken to Twitter in his defense and are eluding that since there seems to be no other evidence of the incident except for Spann’s allegations, that he could walk away from the alleged incident but Bernstein points out that it’s far from being that simple.

“With any crime…  Lets say for instance you and I are in a room together and you sexually assault me or touch me or hit me, it’s only my word against yours.  Now evidence of that could be I have a bruise on my cheek if you slapped me or that I immediately reported it.  How long did I wait?   These are the things that people look at. 

How does the person sound when they describe it?  Does it make sense?  Is it ridiculous?  Is it farfetched?  So it only takes the word of one person because plenty of crimes happen with just one person there.  You don’t have to have corroboration.  It’s great to have but you don’t always need it.

And chances are if it happened outside the club then there is more than one witness to it.  And if it’s a phone…what if he texted from her phone or did something with her phone that would show that he had it?    Who knows and that’s what the police are looking at now?”

TMZ caught footage of Spann and her friends talking to police about the incident which clearly shows that they didn’t wait to report the crime.

No arrest warrant has been issued for Chris Brown yet but if one is issued, he could be locked up immediately.  Stealing a cell phone seems like a small crime but the manner in which it was done makes it far more serious in the eyes of the law.

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Bernstein concluded,

“If he is arrested, then there will probably be a warrant for his arrest on probation out there.  As to how long he would be there I don’t know but if he is arrested on that charge, it’s going to be a problem for his probation.  Robbery by sudden snatching is a felony.  There are different types of robbery.  There’s armed robbery where you have a gun and then there’s a lesser charge than armed robbery called robbery by sudden snatching   and it’s more serious than stealing something out of your backpack because you’re carrying it.

If you left your backpack and someone came up and stole something out of it that would be theft.  But if you were carrying your backpack and someone lifted it while you were carrying it, that’s sudden snatching.  So it’s considered to be more serious because your body is right around the action.”

Breezy definitely has some explaining to do and as a celebrity he should be accustomed to people taking random photos of him.  He wasn’t doing anything crazy in the picture so if he did go off on the young woman for that, he might need to become a hermit and stay inside.

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    Chris brown is a piecec of shit dude is tripping big time not just on this…but with the other bs also. I once was a fan but ummm yeah not so much now! Arrest his ass please!!

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