Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s Stepdaughter Accused of Stiffing Uber Driver Over $20

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New Year Uber riders weren’t the only customers with unpaid cab fares. Kia Absalom, step-daughter of U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch had some difficulty paying for her Uber ride during a ride from Brooklyn, NY. It appears that there may have been a glitch with the popular app which caused a yellow cab to take Absalom to a NYC police station when she didn’t have the money to pay.


Absalom refused to pay the cab fee by the driver. The 21-year-old thought she had paid the $20 cab fare with a UberT app-Uber’s taxi hail option which allows the rider to pay with cash or credit, but not through the app.

After finding out that she did not have cash, Absalom’s contacted her step-mother Lynch who did not have any credit cards in possession-only credit card numbers which Uber driver Hasssan Almaweri refused to accept.

“So I drive her to the police station,” Almaweri told NY Daily. ” I go to the police and say, ‘This lady doesn’t want to pay me.”

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Absalom’s boyfriend came and paid the fare and she was released without having to undergo a fingerprinting process.

To avoid preferential treatment while in custody, Absalom’s father Stephen Hargrove and FBI agent John Robison made sure the precinct handled the incident properly and that there was no lenience shown towards Abasalom. It appears to have been a rush to judgment on the part of the cab driver since there were never any formal charges filed against this young woman.

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