B.B. King Poisoned? Death to be Investigated As Homicide

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The late Blues Legend B.B. King’s daughters have claimed that their father was poisoned at the hands of his two aides, LaVerne Toney and Myron Johnson. Toney was King’s business manager and Johnson was his personal assistant. While the preliminary autopsy does not support these claims, the coroner and Nevada police will be investigating them as a homicide probe was launched.

Karen Williams and Patty King said in their affidavits given to The Associated Press “I believe my father was poisoned and that he was administered foreign substances. I believe my father was murdered.” Patty’s statement was very alarming as she claimed to have actually witnessed Toney give her father two drops of an unknown substance on his tongue in the months before his death, and she never was told what it was. The sisters also stated, “King was sequestered from all family members” prior to the week of his death and that Toney and Johnson were the only two around him before his passing.

Earlier this year, the two sisters and a third, Rita Washington, accused Toney of neglect and elder abuse. That case was tossed out of court due to the lack of evidence. The lawyer for B.B. King’s estate believes what the sisters are saying is ‘ridiculous’. The results for probe will take about six to eight weeks and will not interfere in the funeral of King which will happen this Saturday in Mississippi.

This has the potential to become very ugly if anything is found to show that foul play may be involved. Especially when the money and catalog of B.B. King may hang in the balance. King died in his sleep and while he did suffer from some small strokes connected to his Diabetes, his daughters claim those strokes where medically induced at the hands of Toney. If more evidence can be gathered then this should become about as big as the death of Micheal Jackson. As his personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray was found guilty for involuntary manslaughter in Jackson’s death. But what Patty and Karen are accusing his former manager of is downright murder and if true the two men should receive the stiffest sentencing possible.

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