Bad Girl Ms. Kat Spills All About Drake’s Sex Life and “Eating the Peach”

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Ms. Kat aka Catya from the Bad Girls Club who claims she was in a year and a half long relationship with rapper Drake (and who Drake refers to in his track Good Girl Gone Bad with Game)was recently interviewed by Philly 107.9’s Q Deezy. Catya, who met Drake on the set of his “Best I Ever Had” video exposed all, including Drake’s addiction to unprotected sex and rating his box-eating abilities. We are a bit surprised by the unprotected sex, seeing as how Catya is a well known groupie slore, but can’t say we’re surprised about Drake’s box-eating ability. Something about Drake screams, “I eat the peach, and I eat it well.” See an excerpt from the interview below:

Q Deezy: How Long did you Date Drake

Ms Kat: About a year and a half

Q Deezy:How did you meet him

Ms Kat: We met on the set of [the video] Best I Ever Had . . . It was real cool, we tweeted each other back and forth. I never thought it would go anywhere. Next thing you know [he flew me] to Toronto. And one flight turned into ten. Andnext thing you know I had a toothbrush [at his apartment].

Q Deezy:How long did it take before you started [officially] dating.

Ms Kat: It took like a month. It was like from 0 to 60. I actually MOVED to Toronto [to live with Drake].

Q Deezy:Were you guys having PROTECTED sex.

Ms Kat: Ummm … next question.

Q Deezy:How long did it take you to go from condom to no condom?

Ms Kat: That’s assuming there was EVER ONE INVOLVED!!!

Q Deezy: You and Drake never used a condom?

Ms Kat: I don’t condone that

Q Deezy: Is Drake WELL ENDOWED and did he EAT THE PEACH?

Ms Kat: He is a PHENOMENAL peach eater. And he’s Black and Jewish and the Black side is little MANDINGO-ESQUE

Audio of full interview here.

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