Bad Girls Club Season 7 Takes Over New Orleans

| August 16, 2011 | 0 Comments

Cast of Bad Girls Club Season 7

Unfortunately for the city of New Orleans, forecasters are predicting another vicious hurricane that goes by the name of the Bad Girls Club.

The reality show officially opened its 7th season on August 1st 2011 with its new stars Judi, Priscila, Shelly Tiara, Angelic, Natasia, and Tasha. In the opening of the new season, it is obvious that Hurricane Bad Girls Club will cause massive destruction.

The first issue arises when Shelly grows annoyed with Judi after she “ditches” them while in a club on Bourbon Street. Later on in the evening Judi eavesdrops on a video Nastasia and Shelly are recording in reference to Judi’s seemingly reckless behavior which further fuels the fire. Through a glimpse of these current events, Bad Girls Club Season 7 is definitely going to be a must-watch as these 7 ladies ravage the streets of New Orleans.

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