Ban On Muslims! Trump Blocks Citizens and Refugees of Seven Muslim Countries

| January 28, 2017 | 0 Comments

A new week, a new executive order from Donald Trump. This new order affects immigration policy as Trump as executed a freeze on all Syrian refugees with no time-table in sight. All other refugees are blocked for 120 days, while citizens with visas from the countries Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen are blocked for 90 days.

The White House released a statement claiming that this was an attempt to protect the United States from terrorism as they identified these countries as hubs for “radical Islamic terrorism”. This is all in effort to initiate his ‘extreme vetting’ process. President of Oxfam America, where their goal is relieve poverty on a global level, had this to say about the ban.

The refugees affected by today’s decision are among the world’s most vulnerable people — women, children, and men — who are simply trying to find a safe place to live after fleeing unfathomable violence and loss

However, opposition has already been set in place against Donald Trump. Two Iraqi refugees have obtained lawyers in a case that may need the ruling of the United States Supreme Court to overrule. The country of Iran has come out saying there will be actions on their part in retaliation to the ban.

Past terrorist attacks committed on American soil actually involved citizens of the United States. The Orlando Massacre, The San Bernadino, Boston Bombings, Charleston Church Massacre are just a few that involved American citizens.

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