Beauty, Booty, and the Beach!!! Coco Soaks Up the Sun!!!

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Drinking from the bottled tears & washed up
dreams of basic b*tches everywhere

If the rest of you are scrambling your brains over why God has decided to set the earth’s temperature on hell, then look no further than the radiant beauty that is Coco. Screw the sun! All of our lives and everything we know revolves around her!

Actually you may want to be careful viewing these pictures. Try not to stare directly into it as blindness, mild dizziness, and faster heart-pace may occur.

And as another precaution, be careful how close your noses get to the screen because at any moment the straps on her bikini may snap and pop one of you in the eye.

Coco was so kind as to grace all those average chicks on Miami Beach with their “natural” enhancements with her glazed and glowing presence. In one of the pics you see Coco taking a sip from what the rest of you assume is water. Its not! What she actually is drinking are the tears from the rest of the b-cup chicks of Miami who will never be as hot as our Coco! Poor things.

Watching Coco frolic on the sand is like watching a gentle butterfly land on a freshly sprouted flower on the first day of spring. Or, its like when you’re a fat 12 year old child patiently waiting in front of the microwave for your ham and cheese hot pocket to finish.

Either way, click below to catch a few more glimpses of the always angelic Coco in her natural habitat.

Shielding herself from the ugly, hateful
glares of other average women

All she needs now is a throne, a half-naked man slave to
fan her with a giant palm leaf, and me to feed her grapes

Such a lady

If only I could pluck a single rose from her bikini
and hand it to her as a gesture of my love

*wipes drool from keyboard*

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