We Believe In Equality & Fairness…But They Done Signed Another White Rapper To The Game

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Hip Hop has been through a lot since its conception in the late 70’s.  Recently the billion-dollar industry has been pulled in many directions as it continues to be redefined by artists and strangely enough the media.  What was once a platform for minorities is now something of interest to the majority.  With that being said, it seems that the majority is doing whatever it takes to get their slice of the pie and take ownership in something that was never theirs.  15-year-old kid rapper, Chris Miles, is the latest example.

The white rapper made a name for himself when his audition for America’s Got Talent went viral.  As a result Miles just signed his first record deal, which could land him in a future issue of Forbes magazine. According to TMZ, Miles’ new deal with Warner/Chappell is for five albums and it has the potential to generate more than $1.5 million.

Check out Chris Miles’ audition clip for America’s Got Talent below.

Well, if you took the time to watch the audition by Mills, please share with us your thoughts. The kid definitely has some skills, but he just used the N-word?  Take a hard listen at about the 54-second mark.

Do you foresee Mills making it in the rap game and why? Is he really worth signing?  Hip Hop is the mouthpiece for black America, but now the rules are changing by some “unknown force”.  Keep your eyes and ears open, Hip Hop may not be dead, but soon it may become unrecognizable.  #SaveHipHop

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