Copyright Trolls Are Stalking Celebrity Blogger Sandra Rose to No Avail

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Recently reports surfaced that one of our favorite celebrity bloggers was under attack by a sleazy law firm for alleged copyright infringement however it appears to be a loophole in the copyright law which means Sandra Rose will likely have no worries defending herself moving forward.

If you own your own website or blog, you may want to listen up. Copyright Trolls have been extorting money from bloggers and website owners for quite some time now. By threatening legal action if you do not settle by paying their demands of payments for copyright violation claims. These payments can be anywhere from $3000 – $4000 per image that has been displayed on your site. The copyright trolls loophole in the system is that most bloggers and website owners are not registered with the US Copyright office as designated agents of their sites.

Copyright Trolls
Therefore copyright trolls use this loophole to sidestep sending C&D take down notices. This kind of fraudulently offering is called racketeering. Thankfully federal judges around the country are putting a stop to these thirsty acts by these trolls. If you are a website owner or blogger and have received an email or letter from a law firm or photo agency threatening payment or legal action for using copyrighted photos on your site, contact the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). They can put you in touch with a lawyer in your area who specializes in copyright trolls.

And for those trolls who thought this would be the demise of one of our favorite bloggers, think again because our sources tell us “she not going anywhere!”

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