Beyonce Accused of Being a Copycat ?

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Beyonce has, been accused of copying studded leggings. E-label claims that Beyonce purchased a pair of its “Heavy Metal” leggings from the Edit section of Topshop, an area of the store that highlights up-and-coming designers, last November. The E-label version features a grid-like pattern of studs covering the entire front leg. However, the Dereon leggings, which Beyonce rocks in the fashion house’s latest campaign, are black with six studded rows of differing heights running down the leg.

The brand admits that the design isn’t copyrighted, but since Beyonce did purchase a pair of leggings at the fast-fashion retailer, a lawsuit may be in Bea’s future.


“This is naturally huge, and I am still half in shock,” E-label’s Helba Hallgrimsdottir told Celebrity Clothing Line.

Dereon did not respond to StyleList’s request for comment

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