Beyonce’ and Jay-Z Joint Album Complete and Will Be TIDAL Exclusive!

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DJ Skee reported some exclusive information on FUSE TV, and that is the Jay-Z and Beyonce’ joint album is near completion. The other interesting tidbit that DJ Skee’s sources say, is that it will be released exclusively on TIDAL. While Skee did report that this was in the works there has been nothing officially reported from the Carter’s camp. Even the ‘Drunk in Love’ producer Detail made some strong comments to Billboard about the power couple doing something together back in February .

Of course this album would break the internet which is exactly why a TIDAL release makes all the sense. The new streaming service recently dropped out of the top 700 iTunes download chart while Pandora and Spotify hold the 3 and 4 spots in the iPhone revenue chart. This album would hopefully increase subscriptions drastically. There is no question that Jay-Z and Beyonce’ have a huge amount of clout, but can a joint album get you to spend 9.99 or 19.99 a month? This is possibly the biggest move they can make to increase subscriptions and if they do not move the needle like they expect, then TIDAL may not be the game changer it originally seemed to be. What may be even worse is what if TOO many people attempt to sign up for TIDAL? DJ Skee even addresses that by saying:

“The risk here is the same thing that happened with Jay Z’s exclusive album with Samsung [2013’s Magna Carta Holy Grail]. A project that leaked [that caused] Samsung’s servers to crash unintentionally, making it ironically only available to people who illegally downloaded it. History has shown if you make something closed in, people will always find a way around it.”

This may appear as a desperation move by bringing the big guns out this early, but it might be the kick needed to make TIDAL a success.

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