Why is Beyonce Looking for A New Place to Live without Jay Z?

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Since the elevator incident it hasn’t been certain as to where Jay Z and Beyonce lie but one thing is for certain, King Bey is looking for a new place according to some close sources.

According to the New York Post, Beyonce checked out a $21.5 million dollar penthouse in Chelsea not to long after the fight between her hubby and her sister went viral earlier last month and amends may not have been made.

“She was very quiet as if she was looking on the sly.” a source said.

Not trying to add fuel to the fire, but it has always been known that Jay-Z plays a big part in these huge real estate deals and according to the source he is nowhere in site. Also, the pad Beyonce checked out was 4, 045 square-foot SMALLER than their 8, 309 square-foot Tribecca pad and the source added, “I can say with certainty that Jay is not downsizing.”

And how about this for a scandalous twist, according to The New York post, a source told them that the whole elevator fight broke out because Solange thought he was going to go meet Rihanna that night!

I can go on and on with all the hearsay but looking at it from a bigger picture the music industry is a life within its own. So everything that occurs is usually a lot of crap we don’t know about. Some celebrities stay in broken marriages to sustain that ‘look’, i.e Jay & Bey, or they can choose to look for $21 million dollar pads instead of filing for divorce. Whatever choice she makes, it must be pretty serious if she’s choosing to look for a new place, besides, everyone knows at her concert she was being a bit subliminal while performing the record “Resentment”, saying “I been f*cking with you for 12 years, that b*tch will never be me…”

When asked for a comment, Beyonce’s publicist hung up the phone, while Jay Z’s publicist claimed, they know nothing about Beyonce stepping out house-shopping, Sticky situation?

Do you think Beyonce is shopping for a new getaway for the family? Or is she getting a place for her and little Blue Ivy because Jay might of did something wrong? One things for certain, when you are in a marriage, you don’t go checking out expensive homes like that without your significant other. Just saying.

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