Beyonce’s Baby Blue Controversy.. Officials Investigate Treatment of Hospital’s Other Families

| January 12, 2012 | 1 Comment

It’s day 6 of Baby Blue Ivy Carter controversy, and today Huffington Post is reporting that Lenox Hill Hospital Officials are investigating the treatment of other parents whose babies were held in the Neonatal unit, the same day Beyonce and Jay Z delivered. Reports have said that the couple paid over $1 Million to secure the floor and that Bey and Jay’s security kept other parents from seeing their babies. Hospital officials have denied those rumors, saying that they paid the regular fee to reserve the “executive suite” on the maternity floor. The hospital has not released what that amount is.

As of today, it appears that the hospital’s executive director has started her own inquiry into the parent’s complaints. Lenox Hill has started interviewing parents that were present on the day Baby Blue was born. “We have spoken to seven out of the 10,” the director said. “None have reported being stopped from seeing their babies”. Even with that being said, parents are still reporting that they were kept from seeing their babies. One Bed-Study father, claimed earlier in the week that he was kept from seeing his newborn twins after the Carters took over the maternity floor of Lenox Hill.

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  1. Kay N. says:

    This couple is arrogant and selfish.
    They throw money around like it’s going out of style.
    I believe Beyonce used a surrogate to have this baby so that
    she wouldn’t have to mess up her precious figure.
    In no time she will make her public appearance looking tight and toned
    and tell us mere mortals what she did to supposedly lose the baby weight.
    Everything about this couple is fake, totally superficial.

    I never bought any albums from these two no-talent boobs.
    I certainly don’t intend to now.
    Jay-Z made the grand announcement that he’s no longer going to use the
    word BITCH in his songs — out of respect for his new baby — Blue Ivy
    (Totally STupid Name). But for years he insulted women everywhere
    by peppering his lyrics with negative words. Now he won’t use the word bitch.
    He’s total hypocrite. If you ask me — Jay-z is the BITCH!!!!
    Kay N.

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