Big Fendi Says He Owns The Trademark To Nicki Minaj…Merchandise Coming Off The Shelf Real Soon [Video Alert]


Nicki Minaj ‘s days of ducking her former label head Big Fendi may be coming to an end real soon.  Fendi has been vocal in the past about creating Nicki Minaj’s name and image and having his artist stole from him by Young Money and Nicki’s former manager Deb Antney. Speaking with The Breakfast Club, Fendi revealed,

“I own the trademark to Nicki Minaj.  I own and I actually own her trade so in a minute you’re gonna see a lot of things coming off those shelves….Nicki’s a groupie. She started with me like in 2006-2007 [and she bounces from camp to camp.] I met her on MySpace. her name was Nicki Miraj and I changed it to Nicki Minaj… She’s still signed to my production company which is Dirty Money Records.”

Oh what a tangled web we weave when we conspire to deceive. Big Fendi also revealed that Young Money initially tried to have Nicki sign a janky contract (contracts that typically gives most to the record label and leave the artist with peanuts) which he turned down and how they tried to pay him a poultry $15-thousand finders fee.

It’s obvious The ComeUp DVD founder isn’t hurting for money as he’s been engaged in this lawsuit since 2008 and continues to let her stock rise so he can really cash in. Peep the interview above.

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