New Interview : Birdman on Lil Wayne: ‘Wayne’s Forever My Son’

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The Birdman interview with Angie Martinez is out in its entirety and he discussed the many incidents involving him and Lil Wayne. He still refers to Wayne as his son…a lot, and he does a good bit of dodging questions also. When asking about Wayne wanting to leave Cash Money and not being paid:

I gave him a 100 plus million dollar contract, 60 to 70 million up front…The biggest contract in Hip Hop to me. It didn’t take a corporation to do this, or an organization to do this. I did this for my son that meant the world to me.

Which of course never answers the question about the $51 million dollars that Lil Wayne is suing for his royalties and advance payments from Tha Carter V. Also that no matter what even happens with Wayne, that Nicki Minaj and Drake are not going to be off Cash Money. He maintains his respect for them both and says they are happy.

The most shocking reveal was that Birdman and Lil Wayne see each other almost everyday because of the proximity of their studios. However, they have yet to speak on the situation and claimed Lil Wayne has never asked him personally to leave Cash Money. Birdman stated, ‘I’m going to wait for the proper time to get together, and we going to do that.’

With the Club LIV situation and the indictment that named him and Young Thug as conspirators to his attempted murder, you would think he could find a proper time already. He did address the tour bus shooting and the Club LIV bottle throwing. Birdman says he had nothing to do with the LIV incident and that the indictment is absolutely crazy.

That’s like the craziest shit that I’ve ever heard in my life…I’m passionate about my family, my kids, that mean more to me than anything. I was born without parents at a boardinghouse. My children mean the world to me. You crazy if you think that. I ain’t trippin, you trippin, ya’ll trippin. You know how I am about Wayne. Ya’ll know the love I show him. I made him. I love him. That’s my son. I ain’t with none of that. I don’t play no games.I don’t know what they saying and what the reality is to that but if something happened to my son…I need to find out what’s poppin’ if you’re going to shoot a gun at my child…I got a problem with that. If you gonna bust a gun at Lil Wayne I got a problem with that. I don’t care who it is. We got a problem. Time will tell it all.

While it would obvious that he would deny that claim, the man who was arrested for allegedly shooting Lil Wayne’s tour bus, Jimmy Carlton Winfrey, is a Young Thug affiliate. He appeared in Young Thug’s ‘Halftime’ video holding an assault rifle that they claim was the same one used in the bus shooting.

It is good to finally hear the actual people involved speak on what is going on, but you have to believe Birdman is not being accurate with some things. When asked about not paying his artist he always goes back to how big a contract he gave them which means nothing, it’s called being paid in full.

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