Black Cinema is Alive! The New Generation of Black Filmmakers

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In the wake of the recent outcry surrounding Spike Lee’s inability to obtain financing for the remake of “Inside Man,” a group of young Black independent filmmakers attempts to prove that Black Cinema is not only alive, but that it is evolving.

Executive Producers, Maryam Ali, Drahcir Marie, and Trae Corey have commenced pre-production on feature film, love && logic, written by Maryam Ali (pen name Alexandria) and produced by 2 Lucy Productions.  The film, which will be shot in Hampton Roads, Virginia (the setting of the movie), paints a portrait of a world that has rarely been depicted in commercial cinema.

Love & Logic is about a young couple’s struggle to remain committed (regardless of the sacrifice) and a hopeless romantic’s pursuit of true love (regardless of the price).  Seen from the perspective of an eclectic group of 20-something mostly Black characters, the film tells an age-old tale in a fresh, original way.

Lead Actor, Trae Corey, who will be playing professional street skateboarder, Haywood Gardner, is a virgin to the big screen, but has already proven himself to be an ideal fit for the role.

“On Mommas!  I’m already a skateboarder!” the Portsmouth, Virginia native proclaimed within his first few hours of commencing one of his primary pre-production duties — learning how to skate.


“I’m just trying to portray Blacks in a way that hasn’t necessarily been portrayed in films that we have out now,” said Executive Producer and Co-Director, Ali.

“Black people aren’t all rappers and athletes and cliche characters.  We’re eclectic. And we’re artists.  And I just wanted to show Black people in a different light.”

Ali’s commitment in this regard should come as no surprise.  You see, Ali comes from a legacy of trailblazers.  She is the great-great granddaughter of Booker T. Washington.

“The qualities we’re portraying aren’t anything new,” says Executive Producer and Co-Director, Drahcir Marie.  “History shows us that Black people have always been artists, intellectuals, Bohemians…But these aren’t the things that mainstream America has previously expressed interest in seeing on the big screen.”

But that time has changed.  At least, it will, if this group of randoms has anything to do with it.

“I’m inspired by my friends, because that’s who we are.  I wanted to show a group of young entrepreneurs who aren’t afraid to chase their dreams and passions…Because that’s what’s most important in life.  Plus love.   That’s what the movie is ultimately about.  Love–and following your heart,” said Ali.

“I hope that we are an inspiration for others to strive to do, what people may say is impossible,” says Corey.

For information about how to become involved as an investor in the love && logic film production, please email  You can also follow the movie page on twitter at @loveverselogic.

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