Blackballed Hollywood Actor Isaiah Washington Comes to the Defense of Terry Crews

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Under any ‘normal’ circumstances when a  victim of sexual assault comes out in Hollywood, they have the full support of the industry. But in the case of Actor Terry Crews Hollywood has turned its back on him after he accused and now suing his former Agent Adam Venit of sexually assaulting him in front of his wife at an Adam Sandler event last year.

TMZ caught up with fellow Hollywood star and good friend of  Crew’s Isaiah Washington. Washington believes Crews is being railroaded in the industry. Isaiah is very familiar with being blacklisted in Hollywood after he himself experienced being blackballed after an anti-gay slur back in 2007 backstage at the Golden Globe awards. Washington shared with TMZ that, “It looks like people are trying to pick sides. Uh, it looks like someone is trying to do a favor for someone who doesn’t deserve the favor,” said Washington in a video published by TMZ Tuesday.

Washington said Crews is a “victim” who clearly has done nothing wrong. “That’s like victimization on top of victimization,” he said.

Crew’s will probably still be out of work now that he is suing Adam Venit for sexually assaulting him. TMZ reports Crew’s lawsuit states that Venit looked at Crews “like a rabid dog, sticking his tongue in and out of his mouth provocatively.” Crews said after the alleged assault he pushed Venit away and turned to Adam Sandler yelling, “Adam, come get your boy! He’s grabbing my nuts.”

Crew’s stated on his way home from the event Adam Sandler called and asked if he was ok and Crews responded that he was surprised he got molested at age 48. He says Sandler expressed shock at Venit’s behavior.

He says the next day he called his agent at William Morris Endeavor — the same agency where Venit works — telling him of the alleged assault. A few hours later, Crews says Venit called him and apologized, claiming he was just not himself that night.

Venit was suspended as head of William Morris Endeavor Agency for 30 days. He returned to work on Nov. 27. But as for Terry Crews, he has been out of work since the allegations.

In the midst of a nationwide sexual assault scandal, who would’ve thought an actual victim of sexual assault would be blackballed from working in Hollywood because he had the courage to speak out. That goes to show there is a double standard to being a victim of sexual assault in Hollywood. Terry Crew’s is paying an unfair price for speaking out.

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