Blackish? Laurence Fishburne’s Mother Facing Eviction!

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It is always difficult to speak on someone’s personal life, but what is going on with Laurence Fishburne’s mother needs to be addressed. Hattie Crawford Fishburne who is 80 years old reached out to the New York Post and says she has been unable to pay her rent for several months now. Her apartment is $1500 per month and she receives $3,000 per month from social security and pension from when she was a public school teacher. This is the part where a mother would look for help from family especially a son who is a millionaire 20 times over.

“He’s gone Hollywood!…For 20 years, I funded my son’s career.He promised me he would take care of me. He promised me a house, a golden retriever, a calico cat. To this day, I have not got a Christmas present or a ‘Thank you, Mama’ present. He hasn’t given me a penny…I’m so hurt and disappointed.”

Laurence Fishburne is doing very well for himself staring on NBC’s critical acclaimed show, ‘Hanniabl’, ABC’s ‘Black-ish’ and in 2016 as Perry White in ‘Batman V Superman’. Clearly this man has the money to not only help his mother out but give her a home of her own. Hattie says she has reached out to her son but has yet to have any calls returned as she is set to evicted today. Laurence also has an estranged relationship with his daughter, Montana, after she did a few pornographic films in 2010. She has retired from that world but has not spoken to him since the decision was made. Eyes are on you Laurence to do the right thing and help the woman who brought you into this world and made your career possible through her sacrifices. Red pill of blue pill, Fisburne needs to come to reality and do something soon.

Perhaps the cast of ABC’s hit show Blackish will take up a collection for Fishburne’s mama?

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