Blind Truth? Stevie Wonder Screwed By His Dead Attorney

| September 17, 2015 | 0 Comments
Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder

Making a percentage of a musician’s royalties can be very lucrative, especially for an artist the stature of Stevie Wonder. Considering that Stevie Wonder is blind, he would need to have people that he trusts around him to help manage his fiances. Well it turns out that Stevie has been duped by his attorney and aid, Johnathan Vigoda, the only issue is that Vigoda is now dead.

Johnathan Vigoda acted as Stevie Wonder’s attorney for years until he died in 2011. According to TMZ Wonder has been paying his dead attorney 6% of his music royalties since his passing. Why has he been paying him since then? Because when Stevie Wonder was 21, Vigoda had him sign a contract that insisted the royalties go to his family forever.

Unknowingly, Wonder had been paying out for two years to his former attorney’s widow. Once he found out he demanded that payments stop. Stevie has just filed legal documents saying he was betrayed by a man he once trusted and hopes that the judge renders him no longer responsible for paying the royalties.

Johnathan’s widow does not care that her husband got over on a blind man, as she wants the money to keep coming and demands to get paid from the time that the checks were stopped to now, she asks for a minimum of $7 million dollars.

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