Bobby Shmurda Tells Hot 97 He Has To Pay Full $2-Million Bail To Get Released [Video Interview]

Bobby Shmurda’s been locked up for almost a year now as he and other GS9 gang affiliates were arrested on December 17 in Time Square’s Quad Studios on  various accounts of conspiracy, reckless endangerment, and criminal possession of  weapons.  With a hefty bail of $2 million dollars slung at the “Shmoney Dance” creator, he checked in with Hot 97 last week and gave us an update of his current circumstance. Shmurda revealed that he hasn’t been in touch with LA Reid or Epic Records and stated that the courts wanted all of his bail and not the standard 10-percent. He told Hot 97,

“They want a hundred percent.  They don’t want 25 percent, they don’t want 40, they don’t want 50. They want the whole two million dollars. We have more than the ten percent, it’s the collateral. They want two million dollars collateral.”

Ackquill Pollard, the rapper known as Bobby Shmurda with the viral "Shmoney" dance, makes an appearance with his attorney Kenneth Montgomery fighting a gun charge at Brooklyn Supreme Court in Brooklyn on Wednesday, February 24, 2014. Credit: Byron Smith

The New York MC also told fans that jail wasn’t the place to be and added,

 “This shit ain’t sweet. To all the kids out there, my music is not for nobody to go reenact or something. It’s something that I been through, it’s something that is where I come from. A lot of people don’t come from where I come from, a lot do. But the people that do come from where I come from, it don’t make it right for the things I talk about, to go outside and do it. It’s okay to be in the club and reenact when we dancing and having fun. That’s about it, don’t take it farther than the club. These people not playing with us right now. Young black men, young kids period. They not playing with nothing right now. They trying to take eight years out my life right now.”


As Shmurda continues to fight for his freedom, check out the interview above.


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