Breaking: Celebrity Photographer Invents Much Needed Tool for Live Streaming

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“Stick to what you do best and let the Joistik do the rest!”

There is nothing more frustrating than having to hold your phone or Ipad while trying to record a live event and manage other tasks at the same time.”

Well the Joistik is a the perfect tool to have when you’re these type of situations She knows all too well about having the right tools in place when trying to get the job done.

Joistik, the perfect tool to stream or record video hands free. Multiple devices can record on the stand simultaneously. Easy to use, lightweight & mobile.

The Joistik can hold a Iphone/Android or an Ipad at the same time while you are recording on your favorite social media platform. That’s right, you can record on Facebook Live, Periscope, Skype, Youtube or even Instagram and the great part is the Joistik is reasonably priced at $79.99.

The Joistik was invented by celebrity photographer and radio host Joi Pearson, she knows all too well about having the right tools to get the job done.

The Joistik is an essential tool for every type of digital content creator. It holds 2 or more mobile phones or tablets – allowing users to live stream and record hands-free on several apps simultaneously. It’s lightweight and portable, so your Joistik can go anywhere to capture stable professional-looking footage from all angles.

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