Breaking: Damon Dash Have Warrants Issued For His Arrest (Larry King Exclusive)

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Damon Dash, hip hop mogul and super entrepreneur, sat down with Larry King on the Emmy nominated show, “Larry King Now” to address his recent legal issues (arrest warrants) with his ex-wife Rachel Roy and he even commented on his relationship with Jay-Z.

In the first of two clips Dash sounded off on his fashion designer ex-wife. Dame says that he gave her $120,000 towards a new house outside of child support and was still served a warrant for owing $23,000 in child support. It doesn’t stop there, Dame included that another one of his children’s mothers is suing for child support even after he paid $30,000 towards education along with messages and chefs.

Dash attributed his recent legal troubles towards Donald Suarez, the lawyer representing both cases. Dame admitted that he hasn’t hired a lawyer yet and that it was a smart thing to do so he could avoid being charged excessively for thing he can do his-self.

Larry King and Dame Dash

In the second clip Dash does what he usually doesn’t do: discuss his relationship with Jay-Z. Dame Dash and Jay-Z founded Roc-A-Fella records together in the 90’s and achieved great success but now their relationship is practically non-existent.

“There’s been things where he’s in business with people who are against my honor code,” Dash said. “So because of that and where I’m from I have to keep a distance.

Dash also touched on having some issues with the IRS, his friend Biggs being in jail, and The Inc. Record Label founder, Irv Gotti, being harassed and accused of money laundering which Dame thinks he is innocent of. When Damon blamed Roy’s lawyer for a lot of his legal problems, King asked whether the mogul had his own attorney to which he replied that he did not.

Number 1 rule in the art of war is to never come to a gun battle with a plastic knife…get yourself an attorney Dame!

Be on the lookout for the full episode featuring Dame Dash on the ‘Larry King Now’ website.

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