Breaking Exclusive: Video Vixen K. Diamond Gets Ride of Her Life in Lyft Car “He Kidnapped Me!”

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The popular ride-sharing company Lyft is steadily catching up to Uber with crazy passengers stories like this one involving an up and coming Atlanta video vixen named K Diamond. Early in the wee hours of this morning, K Diamond asked her friend to call her a Lyft ride using the popular app. The ride went well up to the point that she realized after exiting the vehicle she left her expensive pair of Beats by Dre headphones in the driver’s car. She followed Lyft protocol and contacted the driver informing him that her headphones were left in his vehicle.

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According to Diamond, he told her that she would need to give him $20.00 dollars to return them. She believed she was being extorted at this point but agreed to him so he would return the headphones. Once he returned, she reached her arm inside his vehicle clutching a $5.00 dollar bill and he allegedly rolled his car window up on her arm and started to drive away before she was able to open the car door and get inside. Once inside, the driver allegedly took off down the street while her feet was still dangling from the outside. “He was punching me and I tried to honk his car horn to get the attention of a nearby fire vehicle. At some point the driver decided to pull over and let her out but she claims he told her that he could take her and “no one would know anything.”

K. Diamond is featured in Sy Ari Da Kid “Lit” video

K. Diamond has appeared in many hip hop videos with such artists as Young Thug, K. Camp’s (Money Baby) and several others. When we asked her how she felt about the entire ordeal she stated she was terrified but she maintained her composure ¬†until she was freed from her ride.

Atlanta police has issued an arrest warrant for the driver identified as “Joseph” and at press time police had not made an arrest. We have already reached out to the San Francisco company for comment but no one has returned our call.

Story developing.

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