Breaking News: 27 Dead in Connecticut Elementary School Shooting, 20 of Them Children

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CNN is reporting that almost 26 people have been killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT, with 18 of them being children, which makes for one of the worst shootings in American history. Authorities are saying that the suspect is dead inside of the school, his body has not yet been removed, and they are not sure if he was killed by police gunfire or suicide. Police have recovered two weapons from the school, a Glock and a Sig Sauer.

A second suspect has been taken into custody, and we are not sure what his involvement in the shooting was. The second suspect has allegedly been professing his innocence since being taken into police custody.

One third-grader told CNN that police and teachers ran into her classroom and told students to hide in the corner. “Everybody was crying,” she said. “And I just heard the police officers yelling”. The school has been searched and most students have been reunited with their families at a nearby firehouse, while many are still looking for information about their child. HHE will keep you posted on the developing story.

UPDATE 2:16 pm: CNN is now reporting that 27 people have been killed, with 20 of them being children.

UPDATE 2:22 pm: USA Today is reporting that the alleged  gunman was 20-year old Adam Lanza. CBS News is reporting that the gunman apparently drove to the school from New Jersey.

UPDATE 2:42 pm: CNN’s Piers Morgan tweeted that the gunman’s mother was a teacher at the school, and it’s been reported that she is amongst those pronounced dead.

UPDATE: CNN is now reporting that 30 people have been announced dead, with 20 of them being children
President Obama addresses the nation after news of tragic shooting
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